Spring Cleanse your Home - Washing Away Negativity

Spring Cleanse your Home
Washing Away Negativity
Spring House Cleaning with Herbs
"A Complete Guide to Magic & Ritual "
- by Cassandra Eason

There are an overwhelming arrays of creams, mousses and gels for rinsing away dirt and grime in seconds, although few live up to their promises with my family. But on both sides of the Atlantic, a traditional way to wash floors and clean patios and yards was with an infusion of herbs in hot water.
Using herbs that naturally remove negative feelings along with the dirt, and attracted prosperity or luck to the dwelling. Infusions are made by leaving herbs in boiling water for 10 minutes, then straining the liquid and discarding the herbs. For domestic use you can make quite a strong infusion.

  • Wash the front & back doorsteps with a traditional scrubbing brush dipped in water, marking in your mind's eye a barrier that will prevent stress or bad feelings from being carried over the threshold
  • Work next on the bathroom & kitchen - any area where there are water outlets that can drain out luck or happiness
  • Next sweep out any yard or patio areas in anti-clockwise circles, with a traditional besom broom if possible, to remove any lingering creeping resentments or spite that may be waiting for a door to open in order to enter your rooms
  • Wash the area with a bucket of water containing 8-9 drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil, using your broom in clockwise circles to draw up boundaries of protection
  • Finally tip the remaining water down any outside drains to allow the negativity to flow away
  • Stand your broom, bristles up, outside the door to protect the home

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Written by Tunde A. Ertl
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