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On the road to Well-Being
Holistic Health therapies have garnered a lot of interest lately and for good reason. We are finally learning that we need to take back responsibility for our own well-being. We realize that we cannot give our power away any longer to our doctors, depending on them to cure us. We must also take an active role ourselves.
When attempting to return to our natural state of health and well-being, there are several areas that must be addressed in order to make us whole.
Healing begins with healing all aspects of us, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If any one of these areas is not in harmony, then we cannot be fully healed and cannot experience the beauty and wonder of the world around us. So much of our physical health depends upon our mental, emotional and spiritual state. In fact, it is our belief that all physical ailments have their roots in one of these three areas. If these three areas are not addressed along with the physical, healing is slowed or does not occur at all.
If greater attention were given to the universal laws which govern all forms of life, we would naturally mature with a respect for the guiding agencies which reveal themselves in the operation of nature. - Manly P. Hall

Herbal Spring cleaning for your Body
Winter is not getting any shorter and sure feels good when the days getting longer and warmer. Now its time to get out of hibernation. During the dark & cold season our body has the tendency to store emergency supplies. Im sure that Im not the only one who has reached for comfort food, during winter blues. I sure can feel it. It is time for Spring Cleanse & Detox.

Aromatherapy Rejuvenation & Detoxifying Massage
Aromatherapy is a mixture of aromas, massage and medicine providing a deep sense of release and relaxation. Application of custom blended essential oils by a massage technique, which focuses on the eliminating & detoxifying abilities of the body through Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems. Oils are used for their therapeutic properties. Each plant essence has its own characteristic scent. Our sense of smell is linked to our emotions & memory.

Dry Skin Brushing
Dry skin brushing is used primarily for its exfoliating effect on the dead skin cells and encouraging circulation & elimination. It is best to use a natural bristle brush about the size of your hand. Apply gentle pressure with the brush on your dry skin (before showering) in a circular movement. First start with the feet and legs, then continue over the entire body; always moving towards the heart. Your pressure applied with the brush must be gentle enough not to cause any discomfort. Your skin should be a pinkish color.
Follow with a refreshing shower. I recommend a good quality body lotion to hydrate your skin afterwards.

Hot Baths
Taking hot baths with Epsom salts or salt from the Dead Sea also helps to rid toxic substances from the body.
The hot bath will open up the skin pores stimulating circulation and the salt will draw out impurities. If you can afford it, a mud-bath will also replenish essential nutrients, mostly minerals to your skin. Follow with a good quality body lotion.

Written by Tunde A. Ertl
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