Certification - Practical Aromatherapy Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshop has been designed anyone who wants to explore the healing & mood enhancing effects of aromas by applications of essential oils.

Our sense of smell through olfactory nerve cells (in our nose) directly connected to the lymbic part of the brain that associate smells with memories from the past.
  • Discover the ancient art of Aromatherapy
  • Learn the therapeutic properties of plant extracts
  • Blend massage oils, bath oils and skin lotions
  • Mix and take home your own facial and body lotion
  • Recipes to build your home remedy
Note: It is not intended to replace the advise of your health/medical practitioner.
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Certification will be issued upon successful completion

Course fee includes:

  • Classroom instructional materials
  • 2 bottles, carrier oils & essential oils to mix in (for face & body)
  • Introduction to Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Course Fee: $180.00
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
Course Length: 1 day in classroom + practical
Course starting dates are available on weekdays or weekends
Phone: 416-571-0888
Toll free (outside of GTA): 1-800-661-3234
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