Certification Courses - Reiki level 1
Ususi Method of Natural Healing


How does Reiki work?
Everyone has the ability to heal. The only true healing is self healing. Each and every one of us has a life energy which flows within our bodies through Chakra's and Meridians. When our vibratory level is disrupted we become ill.

Rei - means "Universal"
ki - means "Energy" in Japanese
(chi in chinese, prana in sanskrit)

Reiki, which is a positive energy, flows through our bodies during a session is restoring our natural energy and allowing healing to take place in a very positive and natural way. Energy is not directed, but allowed to flow, through mental/emotional/spiritual relaxation, to the areas of our systems that need it the most (low energy areas). Reiki induces feelings of peace and calm. A holostic therapy, Reiki enhances Mind, Body and Spirit. Reiki is for the Self. Reiki is for the Highest Good. First help yourself, then can you begin to help others.

Just for fun & your interest, anyone is trained by me, becomes 7th generation in lineage

In this class you will learn: chakras
  • History of Usui method of Reiki
  • Reiki Principles
  • Chakra (energy centers) & Energy Awareness
  • Corresponding colours & gemstones to Chakras
  • Learn how to use guided meditation as a powerful tool for connecting and channelling energy and awareness
  • Hand positions working on yourself
  • Hand positions working on others & help them to heal themselves
  • Reiki pets & plants
  • Introduction to Reiki levels & symbols

You will recieve a 2-step Reiki level 1 attunement to assist you in opening & connecting to the universal flow of energy & healing.

After the attunement for the First Degree Reiki, you will go through a cleansing process for about 21 days.

Certification will be issued upon successfully completion

Course fee includes:
  • Reiki 1 Manual
  • All classroom instructions & materials
  • First degree Reiki attunement
  • Certificate

Course Fee: $180.00
Private Class: $300.00
Re-attunement: $120.00
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Course Length: 1 days in classroom
Course starting dates are available on weekdays or weekends
Phone: 416-571-0888
Toll free (outside of GTA): 1-800-661-3234
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