Certification Courses - Reiki level 3 - Master - Teacher Degree
Prerequisite: Second Level Reiki Practitioner Certificate

Attaining the Third Degree of Reiki enhances and amplifies the First & Second Degree energy and places the practitioner on even a higher spiritual level.

In addition to Second level Reiki symbols, you will learn & receive the Master Symbol that will assist you in attuning others (all 3 level of attunements).

Just for fun & your interest, anyone is trained by me, becomes 7th generation in lineage

In this class you will:
  • Learn the Usui symbol of Master Teacher
  • Paticipate in a Water Ceremony
  • Refresh your understanding & knowledge of the first two degrees of Reiki
  • Learn how to use guided meditation as a powerful tool for connecting and channelling energy and awareness
  • Learn advanced techniques that will further guide you on this path of healing

After the attunements for the Third Grade, you will again go through a cleansing process for around 21 days.

Certification will be issued upon successfully completion

Course fee includes:
  • Teacher's Manual
  • All classroom instructional materials
  • Master degree Reiki attunement
  • Certificate

Course Fee: $500.00
Private Class: $800.00
Re-attunement: $200.00
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Course Length: 1 days in classroom
Course starting dates are available on weekdays or weekends
Phone: 416-571-0888
Toll free (outside of GTA): 1-800-661-3234
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