Practical Spirit 101
The intent for these workshop series is guiding each participant
to heal the past, be happy and healthy in the present and to
find true purpose in life

#1 - Spirituality 101 ~ Intro to Spirit

Sunday, February 24/08 4-9pm

In this session you will be introduced to many different aspects, topics and idea’s of spirituality, such as: Source Energy/God or Creator, Higher-Self/Awareness, Bio-Energy systems (chakras), Senses, Dimensions, Light Beings, Spirit Guides, Angels, Intuition, Healing, Meditation and how to receive inspirational guidance, and more...
We will discuss what your current beliefs are, where you are in your spiritual path and what you would like to get out of this workshop series.

#2 - Healing the Past

Sunday, March 30/08 4-9pm

Tunde will take us through getting in touch with past memory, utilizing Memory Continuum (timeline) Break-through session. We will clear and release wounds, non-beneficial core beliefs and negative patterns of our past that affect us in our life today, influencing all of our relationships with friends, families, partners, and ourselves. Tunde will guide you through dissolving these patterns, heal our wounds and consciously create our future.

#3 - Happiness and Health in the Present

Sunday, April 27/08 4-9pm

We look at why being happy and healthy in our physical bodies is important for movement forward in our spiritual journey. We will touch on such topics as: Positive Speech/Thoughts, Meditation, Reiki and other healing modalities, Manifestation – Law of Attraction, Healthy Eating, Exercise and being with attuned to Nature. During this workshop we will create our Dream Board helping us to focus and magnetically attract what we want to have and experience in our life, now.

#4 - Your Purpose/Calling and What Lies Ahead

Sunday, May 25/08 4-9pm

What is my purpose here on earth? What inspires me? What am I excited or passionate about? We will look at these questions and lead you on the road of finding your true life’s purpose. We will discuss different healing practices and different area’s of purpose – be it a mother, father, teacher, healer, author, artist, musician etc.
We will also discuss idea’s of what lies ahead for us, the future of humanity and the world, approaching the year 2012 and listening to messages from spirit, light workers, angels and more...

Fee: $300/series of 4
incl. GST, workbook, refreshments & healthy food
Please inquire regarding our payment terms
If you happen to miss one, make-up session is available

Pre-registration required! We wish to keep our group intimately small!

Location: Inspired Health & Wellness Centre
24 Dunlop St. 2nd floor in Richmond hill
(1 block East of Yonge Street, South/West corner of Dunlop & Church)
Parking available

Next session of Practical Spirit 101:

#1 - Spirituality 101 ~ Intro to Spirit Sunday, June 29/08 4-9pm
#2 - Healing the Past Sunday, July 27/08 4-9pm
#3 - Happiness and Health in the Present Sunday, August 24/08 4-9pm
#4 - Your Purpose/Calling and What Lies Ahead Sunday, September 28/08 4-9pm

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#1 - TBA Sunday, October 26/08 4-9pm
#2 - TBA Sunday, November 30/08 4-9pm
#3 - TBA Sunday, December 28/08 4-9pm
#4 - TBA Sunday, January 24/09 4-9pm

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