Spring News ~ Mothers Day Promo

Now, it is safe to say: Spring is in the air! The ground has thawed out, tulip, crocus and daffodil bulbs are releasing the concentrated life force energy to delight us with their pleasing scents & colors. Birds are chirping while feasting on insects, keeping nature’s balance.

Using this opportunity, I'd like to wish you Happy Mother's day.

This goes out not only to all the moms, also to everyone that has ever offered you nurturing & kindness that has supported you on your journey, so you can become the person that you are.

We have just passed Easter, Beltain & May Day.
I trust by now you had ample opportunity to let go of the winter blues.
After a long winter season, our body & spirit is craving the sunlight & warmer temperature. Our lungs had been aching for the fresh spring air. Our emotional bodies have been strained with all the drama, irritation & chaos surrounding us.
Many friends & clients were or knew someone close to them who has been very ill, have heard or experienced the tragedy of losing someone close to them.
It has not been easy for many of us to face our challenges!

I personally feel focused & passionately motivated! Many years of experience (close to 20yrs) of self-empowerment is really paying off. Simply I've chosen new attitude towards difficulties. My mantra has been: "How does this support my growth?"
Now I view them as challenges; learning experiences supporting my growth.
I also have been manifesting sooo many amazing opportunities, events, friends & work. There is a reason I've been called a Renaissance woman... Nurturing the two brain processes, keeping both my intuitive & logical mind happy. I have also become an expert in Website Design & Maintenance, which is a great addition to my business & organizing skills. This further facilitates my soul's calling in order to share, nurture & support others.
If you are interested to see some of my latest work, message me.

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