Practical Spirit Retreats
Full Spectum of Choices

A weekend full of life changing, eye opening & mind expanding experiences at
a picturesque 50 acres of rolling hills, fields with natural stone & tree circles,
forest & a beautiful Fairy garden of
The Northern Light Center - Singhampton, ON

Self Help through powerful guidance of empowerment
to control your self destiny that teaches:
  • Winning relationships personal/business
  • Learning commitment strategies for yourself and relationships
  • Positive communication
  • Learning forwarding thinking techniques to change yourself for the better you
  • Financial responsibility
  • Transformation to a better job or finding the blissful career
  • Leading/living a healthy happy life
  • Loving yourself and breaking personal fears, and personal problems
  • Finding the elusive soul mate/partner
  • How to be a better parent/partner
  • Learning the differences of love and unconditional love and its importance
  • Reconnect to nature & utilize her harmonic frequencies to complete unfinished business in all your relationships
  • Regain your sense of well being
  • Reconnecting to your true nature & your natural source of life energy
  • Explore elements of nature & through guided meditation & visualization
  • Bring forth a symbiotic relationship within your nature: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & light bodies
  • Build bridges of communication, increasing self awareness with these bodies
  • Release tension & old, stagnant energy from your body
  • Learn from your Cellular Consciousness: supporting a wider range of probabilities by releasing limitation based on past life experiences
  • Explore the dynamics of our group, assisting each other in a safe, non-doctoring & empowering environment (those aha moments are already arranged by our collective unconscious!)
  • Bring harmony within left & right brain processes, open communication within your conscious & subconscious mind, transforming your old, fear based reality
  • Offering shortcuts, making it easy, assisting changes by consciously integrating lessons associated
  • Guided self-hypnosis to reenergize, rejuvenate, regenerate cellular life force energy
  • Exercises to increase your intuition, your 6th sense & connection to your Inner Guidance Evening program by the bonfire

Retreat Center

Fire pit



Fee: $300
(Includes above program & accommodation for 2nights)

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