Aromatherapy Facial Reflexology and Massage
  • A detoxifying massage of facial zones, energy lines and pressure points that correlate to internal organs

Zone Therapy: On a more subtle level, there are zones of the face that can be consistently correlated to the organs. For example the zone of the chin area relates to the small intestine, the area below the eye is related to the kidneys & so on. Eruptions, irritations & deep lines are often indicative of underlying organ imbalances & diseases. This is similar to other reflex analysis systems such as iridology or foot reflexology, where markings in the eye or painful areas on the foot indicate underlying organic disturbances. Similarly, eruptions or irritations along acupuncture meridians (lines which traverse the skin of the entire body), can also help to localize & pinpoint deeper health problems.

Many times, powerful drugs are used to treat skin problems, for example the use of corticosteriod creams for eczema & psoriasis, cis-retinoic acid for acne & antibiotics for skin eruptions. Often these drugs have the effect of stopping the symptoms, but they are actually suppressing the disorder, driving the toxins the skin had been attempting to release into deeper tissue layers, where they are absorbed & deposited. This type of suppression may even create deeper issues.

For example, it is well known that suppression of eczema by corticosteroids can lead to asthma. Long term use of topical steroids or glycolic acid can cause skin thinning & fragility. Similarly, continuous antibiotic use can kill off the normal friendly bacteria in the intestine & can lead to digestive disturbances, fermentation, gas, bloating and toxicity resulting from impaired food breakdown & assimilation. Ultimately an unhealthy bowel will cause the skin condition to deteriorate.

Most drug treatments do not correct the causes or imbalances underlying the skin problem. In many cases, the drugs merely control the symptoms & are repeated indefinitely. While certain severe cases may still require management with drugs, this does not preclude the need to address the deeper causes of the problem. In these cases drug treatments & natural approaches can be carried out at the same time. Fortunately, most skin problems can be corrected safely, effectively & permanently with natural approaches & substances aimed at correcting & balancing the underlying cause of the skin condition.

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Treatment Length: 30 minutes
Treatment Price: $45.00
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