Ear Coning
Ear Coning is an ancient, painless method of removing impacted wax and debris from the outer ear canal. Most people enjoy the procedure and find the experience very relaxing.

  • This session is gentle enough for children
  • It is recommended for a good ear hygiene to have three sessions a week apart
  • Enhanced mental function and color perception
  • Lymph Cleansing - increased ability to eliminate congestion
  • May relieve sore throat, earache, swimmer's ear, headache tension, chronic headaches, sinus inflammation, allergies, some hearing problems, itching, ringing of the ears, or any other discomfort caused by excess build up of ear wax
Note: It is not intended to replace the advise of your health/medical practitioner.
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Treatment Length: 50 minutes
Treatment Price: $45.00
Treatment Length: 90 minutes
Treatment Price: $75.00
Phone: 416-571-0888
Toll free (outside of GTA): 1-800-661-3234
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