Transformational Skin Therapy Facial Treatment Package
Due to the synergetic and accumulative effect of sessions & products, Transformational Skin Therapy is recommended to be administered in a series of six treatments.
This insures that all causes are eliminated, gives long lasting effectiveness and develops independence from regular use of creams.

A complete package of sessions are tailored to your skin type.
Consists of 6 sessions administered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly dependent upon your schedule.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or debit.

This magical package consists of the combination of following sessions:
  • Transformational (Holistic) Skin Therapy
  • Transformational (Holistic) Skin Therapy Specialized Treatment
Treatment Length: 90 mins/session
Package of 6 - Prepaid $500.00

Everyone can benefit, regardless of skin conditions. Regular treatments can also be used for prevention or maintenance.

Noticeable changes can be experienced even after one session.

In addition to your sessions it is important to use your Home Treatment Products to assure the best result. For your convenience a Starter package is available, which will be selected according to your skin type, consisting of the following products:
  • 65ml Cleanser
  • 65ml Freshener or toner
  • 20 ml Day cream
  • 20 ml Night cream
  • Facial Cleansing sponge
  • in an Elegant Plastic Zipper Pouch
  • Starter Package $59.95 + tax

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