Transformational Skin Therapy Specialized Treatments
These treatments were designed with you in mind, targeting skin damaged by the sun and environmental pollutants. They help undo the ravages of stress, poor air quality, lack of sleep and (ahem) too much partying.

Transformational Skin Therapy Specialized Treatment consists of the appropriate application of one of the following treatments dependent upon your skin type and condition:
  • Papaya, Pinneaple &Super Pancreatic Enzyme Treatment

  • Removes 12 layers of dead skin cells and 1 live layer of living cells. Excellent for blotchy, scarred, dull, pigmented and stressed skin. Lightens chloasma and other types of pigmentation.
    This product encourages new healthier cell growth and restores turgor (water content) by lubricating and hydrating the skin. Immediate visible results. Takes years off your face.
  • Biological Face-Lift

  • Diminishes fine lines and crow's feet. Draws out morbid matter and impurities. Detoxifies, balances and oxygenates the skin tissue. Removes 5-9 layers of dead cells. Great for scar tissue. The Profile Peel is lubricating, hydrating, toning, firming, lifting and gives tired pigmented stressed skin a healthy, youthful glow.
    Exceptional peeling for rejuvenating face and sun damaged neck and décolleté.
    It's our "Oh my gawd! I don't believe it." peeling because that's what people say immediately after their treatment. Your skin looks alive!
  • Bio-Hydro Deep Nourishing & Hydrating Treatment

  • Incredible for re-hydrating & nourishing skin damage caused by harsh weather and the drying effects of indoor heating. It is exceptionally balancing, pure food for aging skin, that will not over stimulate oil secretions. A fruit bowl in a cream mask, high in all natural & bio-active nutrients, such as: Kosher Collagen, Wheat Germ, Citric Acid, Epidermin, Lecithin, Carrot Oil, Cucumber Extract, Banana, Fig, Grape, Green Pepper, Watercress, Chlorophyll, Essential Oils, Manganese, Trace Elements, Minerals, Colloidal Gold & Colloidal Silver. It is also available in a cream mask form for home use. A must for all skin types, in all homes and for all ages. Helps depleted, dehydrated skin as easily absorbs deeply into the skin tissue. The best part is that it can be left on skin over night. No more excuses that you have no time for mask. Skin will absorb exactly what it needs in minutes.
  • Green Tea Antioxidant Treatment

  • Helps in detoxifying facial skin impurities, prevents damage from free radicals. Especially beneficial for smokers, making dull skin look smoother, firmer and radiant. It also helps reduce brown spots and melasma.
    Popular in Japan, the green tea skin treatment boosts circulation and improves the skin`s texture, lifts sagging skin, calms irritation and inflammation, helps soothe and calm broken capillaries and sunburned skin. This relaxing-yet-revitalizing antioxidant treatment is perfect for sensitive and reactive skin. Its even gentle enough for those suffering from Rosacea and acne.
  • Chocolate & Orange Antioxidant Treatment

  • Did you know that creamy and yummy cocoa is also a nourishing skin treatment? The Organic Dark Chocolate Mask treatment is loaded with iron, magnesium, vitamins, and antioxidants. Combined with Orange, Grapefruit " Tangerine, high in Vitamins, especially C. These ingredients thoroughly cleanse the skin skin, leaving it soft and deliciously sweet.
    Treatment Length: 90 minutes
    Treatment Price: $110.00

    Everyone can benefit, regardless of skin conditions. Regular treatments can also be used for prevention or maintenance.

    Noticeable changes can be experienced even after one session.

    Due to the synergetic and accumulative effect of products, the above Transformational Skin Therapy treatments are recommended to be administered in a series of six treatments (weekly, biweekly or monthly). This insures that all causes are eliminated, gives long lasting effectiveness and develops independence from regular use of creams.

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