Dear Tunde:

In an industry where image can be manipulated so readily, personal integrity has emerged as one of my most valued criteria when dealing with clients. How wonderful it is to find someone who reflects this same ideology.

Not only were your services exemplary, but your gentle way, insightful knowledge and healing touch made for a truly cathartic experience.

I was impressed that you were not merely interested in my needs for that particular session but rather how it was more important for you to establish a real relationship with your client. So many others focus only on mechanically performing a service and moving on to the next client.

My advice to anyone contemplating the benefits of this medium - Embrace it, at least once. You have nothing to lose except the negativity that burdens you mentally, physically and spiritually.

I am honored to have had Tunde of Health Secrets guide me through my own journey of transformation.

Salisha Baboolal
Principal Director
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Tunde Ertl is a healer I met through a friend and had been able to communicate with her Autistic child without words. My friend was thrilled by her work and recommended her to me when my beloved Nana passed away. She started me on my spiritual path by introducing me to the phrase at her spiritual retreat we are spirits having a human experience and not the other way around. That alone changed my perceptions of life. From there I had several private reiki sessions with Tunde where she connected me to my Nana by communicating with her in the spirit world.

She told me things that only my Nana and I knew, so I became a believer instantly. Sometimes we need a miracle like this to happen in our lives before we can truly understand that there is way more to life than just the matrix we call society. Through Tunde and other wonderful authors such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue and many more, I started to understand life and death and that there really is no death at all, but only a continuation and cycle. I am so grateful to be on this spiritual path, I feel like I have an understanding and knowing that all of us on this journey feel. We, being 11s with this knowledge and understanding, we together will do something great. We will be able to make a difference and change to the world as we know it... a shift in consciousness is coming and we are part of this collective shift.

- Amanda Young
11:11 Collective
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Hey there Tunde

I just thought I'd drop you a note and wish you a Merry Christmas. I've been hearing such wonderful things from J. and M. and am so happy that they have found you. I know that they come back from their visits with you feeling lighter, refreshed and in a very positive light.

I've looked back many a time to our energy work and realize how much you helped me through a very difficult point in my life. Thank you again for your help! Life is much better now and I feel balanced more now than I ever have in my life.

I hope all is well with you and that you have a great holiday with those you care about.

Warm Regards,
E. T.
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Hi Hun

Wanted to let you know, i feel Amazing. I feel "stronger" spiritually as the days go on. I feel clearer in my head too. I still dont really know what my passion is and what i want to do, or that i have the courage to do what i REALLY want, BUT i feel all the stronger since our session on Monday. I feel clear and light, so so light. No heavy burdens to lift, and really feel more like the free soul that i really know i am.

A lot of issues i have had with "men" released during the session and i notice a huge difference in the way i react to all the men around me, i am more comfortable with them, where before i was always wary of them. There still is a little bit of work, cause i have a few seconds of doubt, but then it dissipitates and goes away soon after. I sooo wish i was staying a week longer so that i could have another session with you. You are a MIRACLE WORKER.....and a really really blessed healer!!!!

Thank you so so so much!!!!!
All my love

(Note: this session has taken place on-line through Instant messenger, since Alka lives in Singhapoor)
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Thanks for helping me reposition myself. I really miss having that opportunity in our sessions. I will visualize my brother well and full of life....positive thinking.

Thanks for sharing the teaching with me, it is just what I need right now.

I have found the essential oils and in fact tried my concoction two weeks ago. We'll see how it works. I'll let you know."

Vena, Australia
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I first came to Tunde about 5 years ago, on a recommendation from my sister.
My initial contact with this most interesting, diversified woman, has stayed with me all the years since, and has grown into an extremely positive rewarding experience each and every time I see her. I started with just 'hair removal', but over the years I have ventured into Reiki, Reflexogy, Facials, Body Massages and Foot Treatments.

When I walk into her place, it's like being at total peace with yourself. Tunde greets you with honest sincerity and love. Her whole concept is helping people and this is from the heart. My sessions are filled with relaxation and absolutely wonderful treatments, as she has these incredible "healing hands" and when my time is up I am almost sorry to leave - wishing it could go on.

Coming from a background of physical abuse in my marriage, I am an extremely self-conscious woman, but Tunde has worked with me over the years to give me confidence in myself as a person and to help me believe that I am a person worthy of so much more.

Thanks again for the wonderful treatment on Dec. 17th. Boy, I could go for that one more often. If I ever win the lottery, you can be sure that I'll be in to see you all the time.

Love Vickey
Scarborough, Ontario
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Dear Tunde,

YOU WERE RIGHT and my outlook is wide open, and optimistic. Quite a change from just a few months ago! It's really fascinating to witness change and growth, and also see it in others. Before I came to see you, I was really starting to become concerned about my appearance because the emotional pain took much out of me. I feel that I look much better now and my skin is even smoother and very soft.

I am grateful to have found you and look forward to staying in touch. I do receive the newsletter also. Did you watch the show on Vision TV last night. Is the bowen therapy what you were speaking about? Please let me know if you decide to give the workshop.

Much love and gentleness,
Scarborough, Ontario
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Hi Tunde,

I wanted to send you this, which I saw in one of the news-groups. I thought of you when I read it, and it struck me.

Healers exercise their great compassion and bring forth the healing energy.
Channels open and the energy flows like spun gold wind.
The warrior has held his detachment as a shield for many years, that he knew not the depths of the wounds.

Beware, patient. You cannot heal yourself.
The healer cannot do it for you.
The doctor understands neither.

The depths of your cleansing will depend on the depths of your ability to withstand your self inflicted wounds.

Seek a higher power?
Seek a simple soul.
What do you see!

Something wonderful happened in the last two sessions. Guess what - I have no urge to smoke - finally!!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Fred, North York, Ontario
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Hi Tunde-Anna.

Thank you so much for yesterday! I plan to book an appointment with you for mid-Dec.

Thank you for your words of inspiration...that wall is hard to get rid of, but if the Berlin Wall could come down so can mine. It is possible with special guides like you to help me. Have a good week."

Live well,
Brenda, Toronto, Ontario
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Hi Tunde,

I wanted to tell you that yesterday couldn't have been more perfect.
It was exactly what I had wanted, altho I didn't know how to get there.

I had a big dream last night, too, still trying to interpret it.
If there's anything I can do, please let me know. I would like to be involved if it's possible.

Regards and wishing you the most love and joy.
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Hi Tunde,

Wow what a wonderful day for me! First the sun was shining, then I got to see you, and now I find this lovely card from you waiting for me along with all of your other goodies.

Thank-you for bringing so much joy to my life!
See you soon,
Norma, Richmond Hill, Ontario
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I still feel so complete and wholesome after our session last week

Today, I was writing a message to you and as I wrote I kept getting solutions in my head to my questions and problems. Id type a question and it felt like you were telling me the solution. Eventually I didnt have any more questions to ask you, or problems to complain about.

A student, Toronto, Ontario
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Thank's again for the consultation today it was very informative and I look forward to using your services in the near future.

Have a Great Week-end.
Peter, Mississauga, Ontario
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Life sounds wonderful for you. Busy, Busy. I like that. My skin has been o.k. It has it's ups and downs. I'm not complaining, at least I now have an understanding of why it does what it does, and what I need to do to keep it in better condition. It is very much diet with me. I have lately been clearing up from an outbreak I had about 3 weeks ago. It is starting to look good. I will need to order products probably just before Christmas, so I hope you have your site set up by then.

Take care and stay in touch.
Sherry" Brampton, Ontario
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Hi there!
I'm writing from the Women's Wellness Network. We are an online community dedicated to women, we can be visited @ http://www.wwn.on.ca.

Recently we sent out a questionnaire to Canadian women requesting information on what web sites they visit and have enjoyed, newsletters,Magazines.... We asked them to tell us what they thought the best of the web really was!

Health Secrets received an high number of referrals. WWN is interested in Featuring Health Secrets, and featuring one of your articles in our Christmas edition....
Please let me know if your are interested in this endeavor!
Thanks kindly and keep up the good work.

Kimberly Sherhols @WWN"
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Well, what can I say???
Today was totally wonderful. I so much enjoyed everything - the massage, the conversation, the atmosphere.

It was a changing experience. I don't know how else to descride. I feel different and I don't know how to explain it. Anyway, you are to thank for that. You have this wonderful ability to make me see, understand and feel things that I might never have found on my own.
I have been so relaxed since I've been home that I have been unable to do anything. Send me the information to sign up for the newsletter and later this week I want to go on the web site and check it out!!

Again thank you sooooooo much for everything ( and you know what that means!)
Love Always
Tracy, Scarborough, Ontario

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Dear Tunde,

I remember when, at age 24, I started noticing many grey hairs popping up. I was very worried because both my mother and father had started turning grey in their teens, and by the late 20's they were completely grey. I had visions of the same thing happening to me. I casually mentioned this to you, not really expecting anything.

However, you sensed my concerns immediately, and offered me your help and kindness. You suggested that it was a vitamin deficiency, and that I could do something about it. I followed your advice and I added wheatgerm to my diet. In a couple of months I no longer had grey hairs.

Thank you very much for your wonderful advice. I know I can trust you and I feel comfortable asking you anything.

Nalini M., Toronto, Ontario
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June 26, 2000
"Hello Tunde,
I hope you had a great week-end. I wanted to thank-you again for the special treatment I received on Friday. I definitely needed it and it was greatly appreciated! I really needed to be reminded how important it is to slow down.
Thanks again, Norma.

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Hi Tunde,
How are you? I hope that you are doing well. I wanted you to know that I love the skin products I purchased from you! I think my skin is doing much better, thanks! I was still intrested in finding out more about the Ph-balanced diet that you mentioned to me. Please e-mail me the information whenever you get a chance.
Thanks, Norma
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Friday's facial was wonderful - I was so relaxed when I left - thanks again so very much!!!

As for my appointment on Friday, December 8th - I am confirming that this is a definite.

I am really looking forward to this - this is my birthday treat to myself - as I am worth it - RIGHT!!!!!!!

Also, can you prepare a "Gift Certificate" for my daughter for Foot Treatment. I'll put this in her christmas stocking.

Thanks again for last week - and I am really looking forward to seeing you on the 8th of December.

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First I want to appologize for running out so fast - I had an appointment for 9PM that I had to make without being.... Sorry .....

Now for my thoughts...... The session was GREAT.....everything except for the facial...being a guy and all .... That was my first facial ever and probably my last... not something I really enjoyed.... just not my thing I guess... Everything else was fantastic.....

I truly appreciate your humour, fantastic outlook on life and health, your skills, your background, everything about you was fantastic ...

Peace, Love & Health
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I just wanted to add to my previous comments that if I meet anyone in my business or personal life that requires therapeutic services that are within your guidelines I will definitely recommend your services without reservations.

I honestly believe you to be are a great therapist and I would be proud to recommend you to anyone.

Thank You
Peace, Love & Health
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Dear Tundi,

I really enjoyed the treatment you provided me with...I felt very good and you are right changes age going on and I am intuned with my feelings and try to feel rather than to react/act....although yesterday I cried a lot but I know that when I cry I release a lot of toxins and bad luggage and I also know that after I cry I feel very good after...so let's hope.

Looking forward to hearing from you...and you are a real daring person since I met... you yourself have gone through so many changes and I think that is great since so many people are stuck in terrible situations and are afraid and hesitant to move or to take any action whatsoever...

Have a great week and give me 2 dates at least options for meetings.
Love P...."
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"I found your article on the lymphatic system very interesting and easy for the average person to understand.
divider left
Absolutely LOVED your article on skin health and the lymphatic system. Really the article on the lymphatic system was the BEST I've ever read! ---- and, I am in the healthcare industry!

Thank you for a WONDERFUL website.

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You have a wonderful product line and I wish you the best in all your present and future endeavors.

Carla @hsionline
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tunde .....
for the time you gave to e-message noteworthy news----

thank you very much!
warmest regards,
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I tried the Azulen Mask. Fabulous. Sorry to disturb you only for this but I had to tell you. It is indeed a pure gold. Thank you.

Montreal, Que
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Subject: Lymphatic System

This article was excellent. I enjoyed it very much! I entered the site looking for something else and this caught my attention. It was well layed out, interesting and informative.

I am going to tell others about this site!
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What I see in you is someone that is very detached from the physical plane for whom the physical plane comprises around 3% of their perception/consciousness. I see someone who could care less if they died tomorrow and who feels more sorry for others than they do for themself. I see someone very tricky not manipulative in that sense but capable of escaping sticky situations if necessary. I also see someone very happy with themself and very secure."

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Just wanted to touch each and everyone of you and let you know that you are apprecitated for the light you shine and the love you extend
thank you each and everyone.......

love and blessings
Mesha Ariel
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You are one of the sweetest woman I have met, you are truly a gift.
Thank you for all the e-mails I was very touched.

Can you see if you have an appointment for me on Friday around 2:00 p.m., or 3:00 p.m.
I would just love to see you again.

I think of you very often, your a special woman, with a kind heart.

Your friend,
Carmelita, Toronto
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from Olga:

"YOU are a MIRACLE WORKER! What a treat, I'm still floating, and cleaning the house!!"
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You know what...you're beautiful, on the inside and outside. And I rarely lie.

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It was indeed nice to re-connect, and to enjoy such a great treatment. It was a great healing experience. I do have to repeat it again, in the near futute.

Thank you so very much for the angels poem, it was right on time for me.
All the best and i will be in touch with you.

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This is the first time I have visited your site and I must say I was very impressed. Excellent design, easy to navigate, colourful and fast-loading. Good job. keep it up.

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Just got your e-mails and congrats on your new web site, hope you enjoy it as much as we will.
I love all the inspirational e-mails you send me, I would love to see quotes and other beautiful things on your web site, I am sure you will be inspired from the great one to work your magic.

Good luck,
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Congratulations Tunde!

I'm sure you will find all kinds of things to put on the website. I would suggest you start with the basics of your services - description and cost. that's probably the main reason people will seek you out.

I have had a few people ask me if I know people in Toronto who do what I do, specifically with the Sound & Light Healing. I have mentioned your talents, but would appreciate being able to give them a business card or website address that they could check out. Could you please email the basics (what you do, price, address, phone #) ASAP so I can pass them along? Most people are thinking of a friend or relative who live in T.O.

love & light,
Laura, Ottawa, Ontario
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re: Transformational Skin Therapy

I am starting to see the difference that Azulen is making. My skin looks fuller and thicker. There was a few detoxification symptoms, though before I saw any results at all. (I have been detoxifying due to the algae I started taking, too.) The cream made me feel sleepy, drugged, etc. as it binded heavy metals in my skin and generated homeopathic effects.

I like how the cream detoxifies. Now I know why you recommended it for me. In the future if you recommend this product to other people please warn them there might be detoxification reactions!! Then they don't have to be confused wondering what is going on like I was quite confused. In this case I'm glad I had faith in your recommendation. There was a point where I felt like giving up on it.

It is good to keep in touch. One way to make people like you is to make them feel important. Listening to people carefully makes them feel important.

Vlado, Toronto, Ontario
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Re: Algae Soap
Your soap worked wonderfully. What a great invention and thank you for selling it to me. I carefully wiped it and packed it away in wax paper when I was done.
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Hi Missy:

I can't wait for you to see my face. I think that it looks so much better. I know that it's just a start but my complexion looks clearer and shiny. Sounds funny but you can tell me what you think!!!!

Talk to you soon!
Love Tracy
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re: Holistic Skin Care line

To whom it may concern,

Thank you so much for making our life much more enjoyable. I have tried "your" vaginal douche for yeast infection and I am totally amazed by the immediate relief. It smells wonderful (the douche) and relieves all discomfort immediately after the first use. I think I will be addicted to it.

Thank you for coming up with this awesome product. It is a blessing.

Anonymus (as you can understand I don't want the hole world to know)"
Toronto, Ontario
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I got your newsletter thing you sent me in the mail. That must have been a lot of work packing all those envelopes.

Hm...checking out your web site. Hm..my skin is very leathery. I need your carrot line.

The web site looks very smart. The storefront photo is a great idea...it says "we are a real place get your ass down here" just try to clean up a little and get that red car out of the way and replace it with your new Lexus (heehee).

I think you should be proud of your beautiful business.
I think for every dollar you earn, you're changing the world a hundredfold more than the worth of that dollar.

Tom Brighton, Brampton
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Well-deserved compliments

Your waiting room is beautiful! It has a wonderful pouffy couch. The books are interesting for people like me who are bored with those "101 Affirmations" booklets. Your art books are sensational! I noticed your little fat statuettes in front of the window...
(Btw. you said there were gems in the wall. Where are they?)

Mercur, Toronto, Ontario
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