Spiritual Diva - Goddess Gathering
Through honouring the Feminine Divine, we reconnect with our inner goddess.

We respect and empower ourselves spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically to nurture
the inner goddess and achieve balance in our work, home and social lives.

    We will
  • explore our unique bio-energy systems
  • chakra vitality
  • introduction to sacred sexuality (Tao & Kundalini)
  • open circuits to enhance our sensuality
  • connect and nurture ourselves
  • ceremonies and rituals
  • divine feminine archetypes and their influence in our daily life
  • meditation & cellular memory healing

Fee: $90/series of 4 workshop

Pre-registration required! We wish to keep our group intimately small!

Location: The Hive5 (The Hive Shop)
Innis lake road, Caledon East
(Address will be sent to registered particiapants)

Thursdays, 7-9 pm
February 22, 2018
March 22, 2018
April 26, 2018
May 24, 2018

Exploring female spirituality

Goddess Gathering is engaged in reclaiming and celebrating female energy. Women's empowerment is both the ultimate goal and the path to the goal. We share a variety of beliefs and practices: different things empower different women.

Spirituality of the Goddess Gathering is rooted in the daily experience of being a woman
Whether we are cultivating herbs or cooking with them, diapering a baby, giving a presentation, or dressing for a formal dance. Our spirituality starts with our own search for meaning and encourages each of us to reclaim female power. It involves the actualization of ourselves to be self-transcendent. It teaches women to exercise our own authority for our own lives. It both recognizes and strives to develop a basic oneness with reality.

Goddess Gathering explore each woman's connection to the divine.
We draw strength and power from our female ancestors, from the goddesses, from the archetypal divine feminine, and from honoring our own sacred path in this lifetime. Focusing on ourselves as divine beings, as part of creation, and as co-creators is incredibly uplifting to women and leads us not only to feel better about ourselves but also to become more gentle yet confident in our lives. We believe that all people are a spark of the divine and that we ourselves are the best determinants of what is meaningful in life, what is sacred, what is moral and what is beautiful.

Goddess Gathering looks at Nature and the natural rhythms of life
We know that all life forms are interconnected, and we try to live our lives in accordance with this understanding. Some rituals and practices are drawn from ancient pagan rites in which the seasons and cycles of nature are celebrated and studied. We share an interest in the cycles of the moon and its effect on our lives. We are learning about medicinal plants and herbs that nature offers us to heal and treat ourselves naturally. We view gardening as a spiritual practice. Whatever the form, remembering our connection with nature reminds us of our place in the world. We recognize our interdependence and oneness with Mother Earth.

Goddess Gathering values the beauty and wisdom of our Bodies
Our psychological being has been severed from our biological selves for so long that we are completely cut off from our true natures. One thing few women in our culture escape is a powerful sense of dissatisfaction, even loathing, of our bodies. Almost every woman we know has a distorted view of her own body, always looking to modify, coerce, force, and coax it into looking some other way.

Goddess Gathering encourages women to appreciate our bodies whatever size, shape, color, or age. This flies in the face of all our social conditioning. The message is that our bodies are sacred, part of nature, and deserve to be loved and cared for as part of the divine. Bodily functions such as menstruation, childbirth, and menopause are considered opportunities for honoring the body. We are awakening to the joys of yoga, dance, massage, and other bodywork as ways to bring us back to our senses, literally. The body has wisdom for us if we learn to listen to its teachings.

Goddess Gathering rituals are based on ancient traditions. Our rituals are drawn from an array of disciplines and traditions, like Native American, Buddhist, neopagan, shamanic, African, Hawaiian and occult. These rituals to celebrate the divine within us and is a sacred act that we create and conduct.
Ritual serves many functions, including creating a sense of community and connecting us to the divine within us. We decide individually which symbols have power for us, which movements make us feel more grounded in our bodies, which words bring us strength.

Our Goddess Gathering is not based on any organized religion. Our gathering is based on play and joy. There is no set of principles, established doctrine, written creed or dogma and we do not worship anything or anyone. It is all about self empowerment and finding the divine essence within.
Some of us belong to spirituality groups, some communicate on the Internet about women's spirituality, and still others have a foot in both organized religion and nontraditional women's circles. Despite all our differences, groups and individuals practicing women's spirituality share several core characteristics. Contrary to what some may think, we are not a movement exclusively for those fed up with traditional religions. True, many of us have felt deeply wounded by the religion of our childhood and will not set foot inside a church or temple. These women are devoting their considerable energies toward restructuring their churches and temples from the inside. Women are changing the way churches do their business.

Goddess Gathering are non-hierarchical. Our goddesses are encouraged to do their own research and experiment and share their findings with the rest of the group. We rotate leadership at our gatherings. Even though some members of the group may have skills and talents in facilitating groups, it is important that all members are given an opportunity to lead with their own unique styles. And these unique styles and methods are respected and honored by the group. There is room allowed for personal preferences and open discussion. Power among women is conceived and practiced more as "power with" others than as "power over" them. We believe in strength through consensus rather than through dominion.

Goddess Gathering offers aplace to strengthen our senses, intuitions and ways of innate knowing
We create the space and environment that foster the development of individual gifts. In our group, and in all the groups we have participated, women continually come home to themselves. Women's circles afford an atmosphere of discovery, growth and strength not found elsewhere in contemporary culture.

What Is The Role Of The Goddess?
What does these figurines from ancient past have to do with women in the 21st century? In our time, in our culture, Goddess, once again, is becoming a symbol of empowerment for women, a catalyst for an emerging earth-centered spirituality, a metaphor for earth as a living organism, an archetype for feminine consciousness, a mentor for healers, an emblem of a new political movement, an inspiration for artists, a model for re-sacralizing woman's body and the mystery of human sexuality. Why the Goddess? The Goddess is yet another manifestation of the rebirth in feminine energy and power on this planet. Many women find something compelling about these images - we dream them, we draw them and if we are given a lump of clay, we automatically form them. The Ancient Goddesses resonate and activate something deep within us. We celebrate the goddess not by worshiping but by recognizing it as the manifestation of our collective feminine from our past reawakened into the now.

Reconnecting to the energy of the Goddess Helps Us To Remember
And for many.. Goddess symbols may open wounds. We find that there is a profound disconnectedness from our mothers. It can be very confusing, especially if our personal mother was "always there". We have now come to realize that personal feelings of mother-loss reflect the collective loss of all women in patriarchal culture. And so the spiral path leads us deep into the background of origins and forward into the collective future in search of our "lost mother" and her wisdom. For many of us, the Goddess becomes both the way in and the way out...the way of the future and a source of renewal and regeneration from the past. Once again we can experience the freedom of the female psyche. To journey with the Goddess is to experience the path of the embodied soul. It is the path of slow, measured turnings, the circling, cycling energy of the earth, of our own body rhythms that take us forward. The spiral that moves us gracefully from morning to night, from waking to sleep, from past to future, from foreground to background, from birth to death and back again.

An awareness of the Goddess helps to awaken women to ways in which our deepest female body experiences, our psyche's realities and our spiritual quests are all related. It is critically important to bring an awareness of the Goddess forward now, because she adds a needed dimension of dignity and meaning to women's current struggle of self-becoming.

The magical, mythological and feminine ways of dealing with existence--left behind thousands of years ago-- must now be reclaimed by consciousness. Even though the women's spirituality movement may seem like a new phenomenon - something the baby boomers dreamed up - it's not. Throughout herstory, women around the world have come together in circles to celebrate and pray, to explore their relationship to the sacred, and to connect to the divine in the everyday.

Many scholars have unearthed compelling evidence that suggests there was a time (beginning about 27,000 years ago and flourishing 9,000 years ago) when the way humans viewed the world, and their role in it, was vastly different from the way we now view it. At that time the kinds of ideas that are now viewed as new and revolutionary were commonplace, the way we lived. These Goddess-worshiping cultures shared several similar characteristics: the divine was represented in female form; the cultures were Earth centered, body affirming, and egalitarian, humans were viewed as part of nature, not masters of it; and the sacred and the mundane were inextricably interwoven. Sound familiar? Not unlike the core characteristics of the awakened feminine of today.

The Essence of our Goddess Gathering is to provide a flexible forum to look for and trust the truth of our own experience - reclaiming spiritual authority and responsibility for ourselves

Now is the time for these "old ways" to come forth openly, to be rediscovered and reinvented for our time, to serve women serving themselves, one another, and the planet

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